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Morton Comprehensive Health Services is pleased to announce the expansion of women’s and teen-friendly services at our East Health Center—11511 E. 21st—all are welcome with insurance or on a sliding fee scale—free transportation, translation, certified insurance enrollment and pregnancy tests are available—call 918-295-6185 to schedule an appointment!

Our Mission

To provide quality-focused, cost-effective, and family-based health services with dignity and respect to all people without regard to finances, culture or lifestyle and to provide information and support to promote participation in health care decisions.  

Our Vision

The patient is the foundation of the health system and the catalyst for all organizational decisions. The health system identifies and uses the needs of the patient and community to develop programs that impact the community’s short- and long-term wellness.

The organization establishes collaborative relationships by developing a network to maximize resources in providing a continuum of care. Our network must include other health care providers, institutions, agencies, businesses and communities..